Shikha Gupta AID New York

Hola folks, What can I say about RFI? It is that wonderful & stunning thing that converts you from a sofa spud to this passionate road runners, and you don’t even realize how that happens. In 2011, I started from not running at all to running a half marathon in 4 months and I give that credit to the most energetic AID Austin RFI team. It is since then that am never able to find a better love than running these hard mile with an immense admiration for every life I see while on the road and also the pleasure of supporting the causes that matter.
This year, we at AID New York chapter are launching a brand new RFI program in NYC and I’m sure we are going to rock it !! After all it is not always you get a brilliant support team that helps you run the streets of Manhattan, beautiful bridges on Hudson river and serene Central park loops. And here’s a shameless plug: if you are in the tri-state area, please do not wait another second to join our fabulous NYC RFI team.

Akshay Singh AID Austin

The journey with RFI began at the same time as grad school in the united states. Having run not more than a kilometer ever, at a stretch, i was apprehensive about joining the program. I remember my first day when we were herded together to run a solitary mile. Having run for what seemed like ages, I felt proud of myself but was told that I had finished just half a mile. I have come a long way from then. The very gradual training and huge support group helped me complete a marathon in the very first year of the program. The support group is so incredible that at races i have been told by fellow RFI’ers that they would not have completed races without our supporters and volunteers.
I have been running with Run for India for about four years now and it’s a big part of who I am. It really gladdens me to see a group of novice runners being helped by experienced fellow runners to improve their health and at the same running for a larger cause of development in India. Sharing this awesome experience with other people has helped in my outlook of life also and I truly believe running can cause happiness.

Prerna Grover AID Pittsburg

A few months after I started volunteering for the Pittsburgh chapter of AID, we began recruiting runners for the Run for India program. While volunteering with AID opened my eyes to the harsh truth of life for millions of unprivileged people in India, running for India presented an opportunity to do my bit in changing the status quo and ending the prevalent injustice. I had never run before and faced several challenges when I was training for the first race, but running for a cause close to my heart provided me the motivation to train and helped me get over these roadblocks! I love running in a race, the energy and the excitement around, and all the awesome people who come out to cheer the runners! More importantly, RFI has give me a chance to share the challenges as well as the concerted efforts at AID to empower the most marginalized in India, with many friends and colleagues!

Srikanth Jandhyala AID Bay Area

Until a few years back if I am asked to run long distances I wouldn’t have cared much for it. Nor would have enjoyed it. But since being part of the Run for India program it has become a integral part of my life. While being fit is always been important for me when I run and train now it feels its for a greater purpose. I don’t feel the pain when I am doing a long run for hours together. Even if there is pain I know it is temporary and it gives you the time to think of others who are not so lucky. The benefits don’t stop there, the friends you make over several months of training are worthy to keep for the life time. The most important for me is that it thought me to be organized and adapt the same in many other things in my life.