The journey with RFI began at the same time as grad school in the united states. Having run not more than a kilometer ever, at a stretch, i was apprehensive about joining the program. I remember my first day when we were herded together to run a solitary mile. Having run for what seemed like ages, I felt proud of myself but was told that I had finished just half a mile. I have come a long way from then. The very gradual training and huge support group helped me complete a marathon in the very first year of the program. The support group is so incredible that at races i have been told by fellow RFI’ers that they would not have completed races without our supporters and volunteers.
I have been running with Run for India for about four years now and it’s a big part of who I am. It really gladdens me to see a group of novice runners being helped by experienced fellow runners to improve their health and at the same running for a larger cause of development in India. Sharing this awesome experience with other people has helped in my outlook of life also and I truly believe running can cause happiness.