Hola folks, What can I say about RFI? It is that wonderful & stunning thing that converts you from a sofa spud to this passionate road runners, and you don’t even realize how that happens. In 2011, I started from not running at all to running a half marathon in 4 months and I give that credit to the most energetic AID Austin RFI team. It is since then that am never able to find a better love than running these hard mile with an immense admiration for every life I see while on the road and also the pleasure of supporting the causes that matter.
This year, we at AID New York chapter are launching a brand new RFI program in NYC and I’m sure we are going to rock it !! After all it is not always you get a brilliant support team that helps you run the streets of Manhattan, beautiful bridges on Hudson river and serene Central park loops. And here’s a shameless plug: if you are in the tri-state area, please do not wait another second to join our fabulous NYC RFI team.